As a writer who is not J.K. Rowling, it’s difficult to know if your books are being read. Or if they’re even available TO be read, for that matter.

Seriously, it could give a girl a complex.

That’s probably why one of my favorite things (EVA!!) is when I get the occasional letter from a reader or when I’m able to connect with them on social media. This is what keeps me going. Knowing that there are people out there who like what I do and can’t wait for me to do it again. I do everything in my power to interact with the people who take the time to seek me out, even if it’s just a quick, hey, thanks for reading!

And I know that’s true for most writers.

I recently had a reader reach out to me via Pinterest (and Twitter. It think it’s the same person…). She bought a copy of one of my books (and tweeted out the front cover!). After she finished it, she reached out to me personally to let me know how much she loved it.

How much did she love it?

She loved it so much that when she was finished reading it, she donated it to her local library so that other people could read it and love it as much as she did. And then she tweeted about THAT!

You know what I call this person? My hero.

Because, without you guys we’re all just weird little writer monkeys, saddled with weird/scary/perverted, outlandishly overactive imaginations and an almost crippling caffeine addiction. We’d be packing around all this stuff, with nowhere to put it. And I know, for myself at least, that without somewhere to put it, that stuff would drive me crazy.

So, if you have a favorite author or read a book that stuck with you, long after you closed its back cover, let that author know. Let the world know! Write an Amazon review (even a quick one!). Facebook and Tweet them. Instagram them. And yes! Even Pinterest them.

Trust me. It’ll make that weird little writer monkey’s day.